Vietnam work permit for Expat will be applied new one, extended, reissued more easier, faster.

Enterprises, organizations can get Vietnam work permit for their foreign labors easily, fast exactly, safe convenient when using consulting service of

Enterprise/ Organization has been and will be recruited foreign employee, need to execute provisions of law on applying Vietnam new/ re- issued work permit or request for certification of work permit exemption. To avoid wasting time, process the application fast and simply, asking for help from a consulting agent – is the best solution for each situation.

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Vietnam Work permit is a website which built and managed by, is a website specialize in providing consulting services, supporting procedures, applying for new work permit, extend work permit, renew work permit, reissue to change information or work permit exemption certificate for foreigners staying and working in Vietnam.

In additions, also advises and supports to solve the related procedures such as:

  • Request  for  approval to foreign labours recruitment  positions: Consulting, supporting procedures for requesting for approval recruitment positions which suitable to the position, the qualification and experience of employees.
  • Criminal record from foreign country OR in Vietnam:  criminal record number 1 and criminal record number 2 of every nationality, every resident in Vietnam.
  • Health check:  Guidance to get Health Check in Vietnam.
  • Legalization/ Apostille services for documents from other countries use in Vietnam: University degree, Master’s degree, PhD degree, Certificate, Work permit, Experience confirmation, Appointment decision. We can provide Legalization/ Apostille service for all of countries documents to use in Vietnam.   

To save your time and money while boosting your work efficiency, call us hotline: +84 868 25 75 32 or tel: +84 243 56 26 100.

Expertise services

Vietnam working visa advises and supports procedures for foreign workers with all nationalities, who work in all positions, work for businesses, organizations, and commercial representative in all provinces and cities in Vietnam.

We have provided services such as consulting and   supporting to make procedures, applying for new issuance, re-issuance, converting, transferring a Vietnam Work Permit or Confirmation of Work Permit Exemption for foreign employees of Enterprises and Organizations in Vietnam since 2008 until now, and have had a lot of experience to advise and support customers.

Vietnam Work Permit or Confirmation of Work Permit Exemption for foreign employees is is a premise for an employee to be able to apply for a work visa, temporary residence card and guarantee for his or her relatives (spouse, children, father, mother) to live in Vietnam.

Applying new work permit

For foreigners to work with a new employer in a new job position.

Re-issuance, extension of Work Permit

For foreigners when their Work Permit has expired, changed to information, or lost.

Confirmation of Work Permit Exemption

For investors, or for labors with internal mobility in 11 sectors committed to the WTO.

Extra consulting services

For cases that need to support with documents and procedures associated with applying for a work permit

Why choose

With a team of experienced, enthusiastic consultants with thorough understanding of Vietnamese Laws in Management of Foreign Workers, will assess the needs and status of the documents of foreign workers who need to apply for new issuance, for transferring, for re-issuance of Vietnam Work Permit to consult quickly, accurately, and reliably to customers.

You will not have to contact with different agencies yourselves to ask for advice and support procedures for the required documents to apply for a Vietnam Work Permit, but just contact to get advice all related procedures for your employees.

We are proud of our outstanding advantages and senior customer service. All your phone calls are answered by one of our consultants. After our consultancy, the success rate of our customers is especially very high. So, please feel free to contact with us for the best support.

The qualifications and work experience of our employees have not been legalized?

Please contact us for support. We provide consular legalization and certification services for documents from all over the world.

I haven’t legalized the qualifications and work expriences?

We provide a fast legalization service for all your documents. For more information, please contact the counselor of for direct support.

When applying for a Work Permit, does the employee need to be present?

No, businesses or organizations can authorize someone else to do the work for them.

How long is a Work Permit?

Maximum 2 years, depending on the term on the operation license of the business or organization.
Manager , Operating Director , Expert , Technical labor , English teacher (at English center) , English teacher (at school) , Labor contract , Assignment
We advise and support the procedures of applying for a Work Permit for foreign workers with all nationalities, all positions, and forms of work such as:

Thousands of customers have obtained a Vietnamese Work Permit, Confirmation of Work Permit Exemption through our consultancy.

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